30 Minutes away from Amsterdam, everything is different. Sheltered by the dunes and far away of all city rumble there is a place full of hammocks, sahara tents and surf life.

Everything here seems to flow in a slow and friendly vibe. The chef is picking herbs from the garden tor tonights organic barbeque. Surf instructors are chilling out with their students after a lesson at the nearby beach. Someone is playing Jack Johnson songs on a guitar. Its hard to tell what time it is, at Surfana Bloemendaal.

It doesn’t matter anyway. What matters is now, and now is a good time. Whether you want to learn to surf, discover healthy foods, keep your balance ont the slackline, enjoy the sun, go for yoga or a massage, have a beer at Hollands best beachclub, go for a walk or just relax…you will feel at home here. This camp truly is a place for happy surfy people, and those who want to take a deep breath from their busy city lives. In a sense its not a getaway, it is coming home to yourself.